Good Morning all!! Welcome to the first post on our new blog!

Lets start by giving you a bit of background on SimplyHorseTips….

I remember when I first joined twitter a few years back (on my personal twitter page) and have to admit I followed a few people who turned out to be less than transparent with their records and false boasts of profit levels. I found that, as my knowledge and experience grew, I was spending more time studying races/stats/form etc to try and understand why people were actually tipping the horses they did. After all, if I was going to spend my hard-earned cash on a horse I wanted to be able to believe that it had a genuine chance to win. I started to pick my own horses and kept records to check on my own performance, finding that I was pretty consistent with my selections and was actually enjoying horse racing even more now I was challenging myself to find my own winners.

The decision to set up SimplyHorseTips was to use this knowledge and experience built up over the last couple of years to provide a free, simple, affiliate-free service that gave me the opportunity to post my own selections and hopefully share some winning tips with anyone who felt comfortable in following them.

Now, on to the reasons for the evolution of SimplyHorseTips to include a daily blog:

No doubt some of you will have seen @gordie1977’s tipster review via his twitter page. I would like to start by saying that I think this review is a great way to help people gain an insight in to the differing level of services offered by the various tipsters available (both free and paid-for) and would like to pass on my thanks to Gordon for once again taking time to try and help people in their decision making process when choosing who to follow.

This review has highlighted to me that there a couple of things that I can do to improve my service. Although I keep a spreadsheet of every tip posted (they are also available by going back through previous twitter posts) and a separate spreadsheet for all P&L, both of these are not freely available for all to view.

Therefore, in an effort to provide a simple way for followers to check back on tipping history and P&L the SimplyHorseTips blog is now born!

Final Word…

For those who have been following for a while, a huge thanks for your continued support and words of encouragement/thanks etc. It is always nice to hear when people have made some money using the tips provided.

For those who may have just found SimplyHorseTips… remember to bet sensibly within your own means, not every day will be a profitable one! We provide a points based system so that you can set your own value to each point, whether that be 50p or £50, and have proved over time (profit in 7months from 8) that this system works.

Although I have a family and a full time job I take SimplyHorseTips seriously – for me it is more than just a hobby. I will always do my best to answer any questions or queries you may have and am happy to take on board any feedback that you may have (both good and constructive).

Thanks for reading and WELCOME!!



September 2015