Stats Horses

Afternoon all!!! I was asked earlier today if I’d been keeping a record of profit/loss on the stats horses posted on the blog…. and in all honesty the answer was no. The question did get me thinking about whether the stats were actually bringing a positive return so I have been back to the 1st of May and have to say I have been pleasantly surprised with the results.

Points system used, purely as a way of adding a record to the stats:

under 5/1 – 1pt win

5/1 or over – 0.5pts each way

*(SP prices used to calculate return if SP was bigger than the original price posted, and all each way returns are at 1/4 odds)

1st May to 27th May PROFIT +85.85pts!!!

With this in mind, from 1st June I will be adding a running P&L on the stats horses…. However followers need to remember that THESE ARE NOT MAIN TIPS. I will not be betting on all of the stats horses and I would not advise any of you to either – some days there have been 20+ runners which would increase the daily stakes to an unrealistic level.

Please remember that the stats are purely based on trainers winning strike rates and level stakes profit at the courses in question, from the beginning of the 2011 flat season to the end of the 2015 flat season. They do not take in to account current form/weight/jockey bookings etc and are added to the blog as a guide for trainers who are consistent at certain courses.




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