November Round Up

Well November has definitely been a rollercoaster month! The first couple of weeks were a real struggle (-37.6pts down at our lowest point) but as the month has gone on the consistency improved and the winners started to flow, to the point where I sit here writing this quite proud of the turnaround and happy that once again we have finished the month well in PROFIT!! +41.8points profit to be exact!!

Key stats for Nov:

NAP: +17.62pts total 9 winners from 27, 33.33% strike rate at average odds of 2.80/1

NB: -5.5pts total 6 winners from 29, 20.69% strike rate at average odds of 3.45/1

IWAC: +32pts total 7 winners from 27, 25.93% strike rate at average odds of 7.56/1

As some of you will have noticed, we were invited by @weighedinracing to contribute to the #TippingTeam for November and have had some nice winners including a 117/1 treble! I am pleased to say that tips will continue with the #TippingTeam for December and will also continue to be posted via @bet_share #TwitterNAPs and @betref #NapExchange as usual.

Over the next few weeks I have a couple of Christmas functions with work so tips may be up a little later than usual but rest assured the same level of research will go in to making the selections.

On to December we go….

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